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Salivary metabolomics have been utilized before to discriminate individuals with oral cancer, periodontal disease, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. With the oral mucosa and salivary glands being exceptionally radiosensitive, we investigated the metabolic profiles of mouse saliva. Polar analysis showed a dose response present in many metabolites. As this is the first study to show salivary responses with metabolomics, we will explore this biofluid further for its potential in radiation biodosimetry. The results of the pilot project are currently in press in Radiation Research.

Simple depiction of the experimental plan.

Pathway enrichment reveals key metabolic pathways that are affected following exposure to 8 Gy of gamma-rays (LD50/30 for C57BL/6 male mice).

Laiakis EC, Strawn SJ, Brenner DJ, Fornace Jr AJ. Assessment of saliva as a potential biofluid for biodosimetry: a pilot metabolomics study in mice. In Press at Radiation Research.





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